Sunday, 31 March 2013


Ok here I go. Before starting this blog my brother recommended that I should start with a Tumblr and leave the blog for a while. Typical I didn't listen. This blog has turned into a daily photo challenge and I spend more time writing for Marry Me Ink Blog. With a lot of thought I have decided that I will be closing this blog down. I will continue to post my daily pics on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. I will take the time to explore writing more for Accessories Ahoy. I am not going, just re-locating. I really hope that you will check me out there.

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 31

Last day of the challenge. While searching the web for inspiration I have been also thinking about April's challenge. I have been posting recently a lot of jewellery with a tattoo feel. I also am obsessed with tattoos. I have recently finished the first half of my sleeve and I have many more (more planned too). With all that in mind I have decided that the challenge will be tattoo inspired. It will be tattoo themed accessories or tattoos of jewellery. As a nice end to this challenge and following onto the next here is a Anchor Tattoo from Pinterest.

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Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 26

I am loving stud earrings at the moment and here is another cool pair of Anchor Stud Earrings from Kaela Mills.

Tuesday Treasure - Trash to Treasure

Recycling is something that I know is important but I have only just started to do it. I must say it is made more difficult by how much packaging things have. I feel like it takes such a long time to sort through it all. My kitchen has more bins than cupboards space. The people I am about to introduce you to have decided that they want to turn something we would throw away into something beautiful to wear.

First up is the artist Kathleen Nowak Tucci. Amongst many of her achievements her work was featured on the cover of Italian Vogue. Rubber is a substance that doesn't biodegrade easily and is often left on landfills. She has turned this substance into pieces that are delicate and beautiful, unlike how they were originally designed. This piece is from her Protection Collection. Go and check out her website and be truly inspired.

Next is Ann Ellis. She uses many materials including paper and plastic bags. She has received many awards and been featured in magazines. Her jewellery is bright and colourful. Plastic bags have never looked so beautiful.

It isn't just our rubbish that can be made beautiful. Try left over hair supplies. This Hair Clip Necklace from Blu Kat Design is simple and striking.

If you want to have your own recycled jewellery try these two tutorials.

The blog from Kirsten Danielle Design has a tutorial on how to make your own Spoon Ring. What a great way to use old cutlery you may not want anymore.

If you want something a little more delicate try these Lace Earrings by Fleur d'Elise. Left over lace can  make a wonderful addition to your jewellery box.

I hope you find creative uses for the things that may have just been discarded.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Friday, 22 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 22

Today I have a DIY entry. Fancy adding anchors to your clothing? Try making your own anchor buttons. Here is a tutorial on the Wood & Rope Blog.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 19

I adore Kate Spade and her amazing clutch bags. As I have posted about her today in the Accessories Ahoy post at Marry Me Ink I thought that I would post a pick from her. Her All Aboard Ship Clutch is unfortunately sold out but we can admire this beauty here.

Tuesday Treasures - Clutch Creations

Ok so I tend to post jewellery here. However, this month I am celebrating my new opportunity to write for Marry Me Ink's Accessories Ahoy. All month I am showing pictures of anchors in honour of Rachel's amazing blog. With that in mind I have decided that today's Tuesday Treasures will not be jewellery. Instead here is the link to read my Accessories Ahoy post. I posted earlier an amazing clutch bag from Kate Spade and I have a post featuring some of her amazing creations. Please pop by and check out my post here.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 17

My first love is jewellery but I am enjoying adding extra accessories to the blog. These Welcome Aboard Wedges from Dollydagger are one such addition.

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Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 15

Today's contribution is Anchor Stud Earrings from Mint Flamingo. I will find any excuse to add their stuff as I love it and it is so affordable.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday Treasures - Anchors Away

I hope your enjoying the anchor images I have posted for this months challenge. Nautical style has been a part of the fashion landscape from the mid 19th Century and is here to stay. On Sunday I perused a whole section devoted to nautical style in Forever 21 when visiting the Trafford Centre. I intended to eat sushi and window shop. I was successful at one of those endeavours and came home with a lovely navy and white stripped top.

Nautical style is so strong. There are so many elements that run through clothing, shoes and accessories. Today I decided to post some of the most recognisable elements of that theme.

First up is anchors. I have posted so many already but here is one more. These Anchor Earrings are from Silk Purse Sows Ear.

Nautical colours are strong with blue, red and white. There can be other colours included but these are the staple colours. This Mini Nautical Bunting Necklace by The Catkin Boutique showcases these crisp colours.

Stripes may have started as a way of easily recognising men who had fallen overboard but they are now the most recognisable look in nautical style. These bangles by Chanel show Coco's fashion legacy and love of nautical style.

Nautical Creations showcase the colours, stripes and anchors associated with the nautical theme in their Nautical Reef Knot Bracelets. Rope knots are not just for the boat but can be a great daily addition to your jewellery.

Brass buttons are often featured in nautical apparel. Here they are showcased in a Vintage Brass Button Ring by Jewels in Denial. I love buttons being used in accessories and this is a perfect example.

One of my favourite parts of nautical jewellery is the use of swallows. This kitsch Swallow Ring from Bow and Crossbones is a rockabilly favourite.

Finally here is a Compass Necklace by Ragtrader vintage. Maybe this could help me with my appalling sense of direction.

There are so many motifs associated with nautical style but I have only featured a few here. I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to add some to your collection.

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 12

Here is a first. The first pair of shoes I have ever posted. This Black and White Stripe Anchor Bow Shoes from Jessica Lee Accessories are adorable.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 10

I do love antique jewellery and this Georgian Anchor Navette Ring is stunning. It is engraved with the words "In memory of an affectionate father who died Jan 30th 1775". So meaningful.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 8

With my hair at this never ending awkward length I am trying to distract from that with hair accessories.  This Anchor Headband is a big and beautiful distraction from GirlsLoveLike.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 7

If you are not a lover of retro or rockabilly jewellery I have something a little more dainty. This Anchor Ring by ThirtySixTen is elegant.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 6

Janine Basil makes beautiful retro and glam hair accessories and this Nautical Fascinator is no exception. A retro rockabilly anchor that rocks.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday Treasures - Pier 7 Craft

Today's Accessories Ahoy Challenge was a superb octopus and anchor bracelet. I thought that today I would show you some of my favourites from the lovely Samantha of Pier 7 Craft who has an incredible Etsy shop filled with handmade beauties. Please go on and check out all the pieces.

Here are my top five.

First up is this ornate Antique Silver Scissor Bracelet.

Second is the Grace Butterfly Brooch that captures the beauty and grace of these amazing creatures.

Third we have this unusual Retro Bicycle Cord Bracelet.

Fourth is this fun Starbucks Caramel Pin Brooch for those of us who can never get enough of coffee.

Finally is the beautiful Silver Leaf Branch with Owl Bracelet. Owl jewellery is everywhere but this one feels so unique.

So I hope you love it and feel inspired to check out more. These are but a few. She has many many more creative goodies.

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 5

If the nautical theme is right up your alley try this victorian feel Octopus and Anchor bracelet by Pier 7 Craft.

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Accessories Ahoy Challenge Day 1

I have to say how excited and privileged I am to be able to write a post for the amazing blog 'Marry Me Ink'. The Accessories Ahoy posts are so up my street. In honour of this I will be posting a photo a day through March inspired by the anchor logo. I won't be just focused on jewellery but as you would expect there will be more than a few jewellery contributions.

Here is my first offering from Candy Candy Jewellery. The Lucite Bead Bracelet is perfect. It has the 'Marry Me Ink' Anchor and the blue and white stripes in keeping with the colour scheme.