Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday Treasure - Trash to Treasure

Recycling is something that I know is important but I have only just started to do it. I must say it is made more difficult by how much packaging things have. I feel like it takes such a long time to sort through it all. My kitchen has more bins than cupboards space. The people I am about to introduce you to have decided that they want to turn something we would throw away into something beautiful to wear.

First up is the artist Kathleen Nowak Tucci. Amongst many of her achievements her work was featured on the cover of Italian Vogue. Rubber is a substance that doesn't biodegrade easily and is often left on landfills. She has turned this substance into pieces that are delicate and beautiful, unlike how they were originally designed. This piece is from her Protection Collection. Go and check out her website and be truly inspired.

Next is Ann Ellis. She uses many materials including paper and plastic bags. She has received many awards and been featured in magazines. Her jewellery is bright and colourful. Plastic bags have never looked so beautiful.

It isn't just our rubbish that can be made beautiful. Try left over hair supplies. This Hair Clip Necklace from Blu Kat Design is simple and striking.

If you want to have your own recycled jewellery try these two tutorials.

The blog from Kirsten Danielle Design has a tutorial on how to make your own Spoon Ring. What a great way to use old cutlery you may not want anymore.

If you want something a little more delicate try these Lace Earrings by Fleur d'Elise. Left over lace can  make a wonderful addition to your jewellery box.

I hope you find creative uses for the things that may have just been discarded.

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