Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday Treasures - Anchors Away

I hope your enjoying the anchor images I have posted for this months challenge. Nautical style has been a part of the fashion landscape from the mid 19th Century and is here to stay. On Sunday I perused a whole section devoted to nautical style in Forever 21 when visiting the Trafford Centre. I intended to eat sushi and window shop. I was successful at one of those endeavours and came home with a lovely navy and white stripped top.

Nautical style is so strong. There are so many elements that run through clothing, shoes and accessories. Today I decided to post some of the most recognisable elements of that theme.

First up is anchors. I have posted so many already but here is one more. These Anchor Earrings are from Silk Purse Sows Ear.

Nautical colours are strong with blue, red and white. There can be other colours included but these are the staple colours. This Mini Nautical Bunting Necklace by The Catkin Boutique showcases these crisp colours.

Stripes may have started as a way of easily recognising men who had fallen overboard but they are now the most recognisable look in nautical style. These bangles by Chanel show Coco's fashion legacy and love of nautical style.

Nautical Creations showcase the colours, stripes and anchors associated with the nautical theme in their Nautical Reef Knot Bracelets. Rope knots are not just for the boat but can be a great daily addition to your jewellery.

Brass buttons are often featured in nautical apparel. Here they are showcased in a Vintage Brass Button Ring by Jewels in Denial. I love buttons being used in accessories and this is a perfect example.

One of my favourite parts of nautical jewellery is the use of swallows. This kitsch Swallow Ring from Bow and Crossbones is a rockabilly favourite.

Finally here is a Compass Necklace by Ragtrader vintage. Maybe this could help me with my appalling sense of direction.

There are so many motifs associated with nautical style but I have only featured a few here. I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to add some to your collection.

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